We are of the opinion: it can be done better. Even today it is still possible to control large-scale construction projects and mega projects. Structure and perseverance right from the start are our keys to success. We have proved this many times, even in seemingly hopeless assignments.
VITZTHUM Projektmanagement GmbH will support you from the inception to the realisation of your construction projects, at any scale, including the warranty management and technical asset management of your property.
Our focus is to personalise our services to your particular requirements. As project managers and project controllers with professional backgrounds in architecture and civil engineering we are capable of achieving quantifiable benefits to your projects, thanks to our longstanding experience in the most diverse sectors of industry.
This means efficient, innovative and tailored concepts for a cost-effective planning and realisation stage and successful operation of your real estate.
Following our aspirations, we will indicate solutions to risks and conflicts to you as part of our project support; furthermore, we will look for immanent chances for your projects. We organise your projects comprehensively and incorporate you with the right measure of information in regards to relevant issues You determine the scope and extent of our involvement, so that you and your project are catered for and optimum progress is guaranteed and taken care of.
We’ll explore the full potential of your real estate by researching the basic information and subsequently working out solutions - not the other way around.
Hotel building Height 4
Technical due diligence of three shopping centers in Dresden and Berlin
Revitalisation of the "Kaufmannshaus", an office and commercial building in Hamburg
Munich Airport Satellite
polar Eismeer compound, Hamburg